Most salespeople use Excel or Powerpoint to create unattractive proposals which vary from one sales person to the next. We built the proposal tool to allow your salespeople to create powerful and consistent sales proposals that they can customise specifically for each individual customer. 

Create A Fantastic Product Range

The Proposal Creator tool allows your salespeople and customers to work together to create the perfect product range for their outlet.

Make a Commercial Proposal

Our tool allows the salesperson to create a commercial proposal by adding cost prices and recommended selling prices. The tool automatically calculates the margin to show the customer exactly how much they expect to make from selling your products.

Professional Proposals for your Prospect Customer

Once the proposal is completed, the customer will receive a branded proposal including all the critical product and commercial information in a format that is totally bespoke to their outlet. With the proposal tool your sales team will now have a professional and consistent approach to acquiring 

business from prospect customers.

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